Cali Salinas


Bachelors of Art, Tufts University
Tufts Varsity Co-Ed and Women's Sailing Team
2020 US Sailing Team athlete 2028 Olympic hopeful in the foiling Nacra 17


Sailing, road cycling, hiking around the bay, climbing with her twin sister, surfing and stand-up paddle boarding with friends.

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More about Cali Salinas

Cali Salinas grew up playing soccer and basketball and later found her love for sailing at The Bay School here in San Francisco. As a past patient in her youth, she fell in love with the art of teaching one’s body how to heal through movement. She went on to sail at Tufts University, Massachusetts on the varsity Co-Ed, Women’s, and Match Racing Team sailing team for 4 years. During COVID, she ventured into high performance sailing in the Nacra 17, an olympic class foiling catamaran, where she helped the Olympic team train for the Tokyo games. She continued to study staying apart of their athletic program, and upon graduation, decided to return to the city to continue her path in Physical Therapy. Currently as a trainer, she enjoys working with young athletes with sports specific injuries helping them get back to their full potential. She believes in the value of weight lifting and the importance of cross training at a young age, to help young athletes increase the longevity of their careers.

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