Member Testimonials

“It was a house of pain, more hard-core than any training I've ever done for the national team, to the extent that I still do some of the exercises and squats she taught us today.”One Life, Megan Rapinoe
“I have had a lot of physical therapy but Activecare - Sports, Rehab, Training was better than all of them. I came in pretty hurt and left strong and pain free. ”Anu Khosla, Recent Active Care Graduate
“This young lady pushed me to a new level.”Jerry Rice, NFL
“Lisa taught me a smarter way to train. I always leave here (Active Care) feeling great. I have a sense of accomplishment.”Jennifer Azzi, WBNA
“I met Lisa last summer. Some friends from San Francisco Ballet introduced me to her. I was 2 months post op (ACL and meniscus reconstruction), still on crutches, as I couldn't manage to find my muscles so she told me to come train with her. I have been training at Activecare for 3 weeks now and the improvement has been huge. Not only have I found the right muscles back but Iā€™m also getting stronger. My damaged muscles are growing back, my knee is feeling great and I haven't had any set backs or even pain. They are an amazing team and they push you very hard but never too far. I couldn't be happier about coming to rehab at Activecare!”Pedro Lapetra, Professional Dancer
“My quad was ridiculously sore after my first workout, but for the first time in six months, my knee was not sore after a workout. Division I field hockey player Stanford University”Division I field hockey player, Stanford University
“I have been all over the world and have rehabbed, had PT, at multiple places. Lisa knows her stuff and it is entirely different, sometimes in the most subtle ways, then anything I have ever seen. I continue to recruit her to where I live because I have never seen anything like it.”Dan O Brien, 1992 Olympic gold medal decathlete
“Every time I walk out of there, I'm just shot, I dread going there, but it's been really good.”Tim Rattay, NFL
“I have been working with some great trainers at Active Care. I have to admit, it has been very difficult. Lisa has figured out all the tricks of the trade and catches you when you try to cheat her. She has it down to a science, most fortunately for me. Adonal Foyle”Adonal Foyle, NBA
“I can't thank you enough for getting me back in action after my surgery in late 2011. I feel stronger than before my surgery and I have your team to thank for that. I recommend Active Care to everyone I come across with an injury! Your team's athletic approach, intense physical regimens, attention to patients, positive outlook/encouragement and knowledge of medicine and musculature were crucial in my progress.”Heather, AC Patient