Our Philosophy

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Exercise Is The Medicine

We believe that physical therapy is an active process. Our system isn’t random; it’s specific, targeted re-engineering of your body through exercise developed and refined by Lisa Giannone after more than 30 years of experience. It’s this work that allows you to obtain a full and lasting recovery.

Get Back To It

Movement is life, movement is what defines you. You want to be active, run hard, compete, dance or just live life without pain. Our patients are all ages and come from many different sports and activities but share a common goal; they want to “Get Back to It.” Our goal is to return you to that level, and beyond.

Can and Will

Lisa Giannone has developed and masterminded an approach on treating orthopedic and sports injury that has been highly successful. Her system involves a point of view in analysis, the development of a working theory for each individual patient case, and an understanding of mechanics and the kinetic chain and its influence on the recovery path. In her system, each step of the rehab process must be supported by a “why” that both the patient and therapist understand. This is not cookie-cutter or textbook as Lisa’s theories and practices developed out of her academic background in biochemistry, physiology, and biomechanics and through the more than 30 years of experience she has in the field. The vast majority of the techniques and exercises used to manage AC patients were developed and nuanced by Lisa and make up her system of care and training. All practitioners of AC are trained to practice within this system and learn directly from Lisa. She guides her team from her belief that “Exercise is the Medicine”, “that it is only through methodical mechanical work to the body both manually and through proprietary exercise series that real and lasting, durable recovery can be accomplished in orthopedic and sports injury.”

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Consult with Lisa!

Lisa Giannone

Interested in virtual advice or a virtual visit? Lisa Giannone and the staff at Active Care are experts in movement, health and fitness. Our services extend nationally and internationally, well beyond the reach of our physical location. Active Care physical therapists and exercise specialists are available and ready to help. Please contact [email protected] with all questions concerning:

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