The Garage


The Garage is the home of Hammer, Lisa Giannone’s multi-plane, movement based cardio-centric class. Scientifically, biomechanically and intentionally crafted so that each movement has a specific purpose, goal and outcome. We will move, ‘carve’ and activate, through each plane of the body, athletically and artfully! Paced to music and ordered to produce the maximum bang for your buck in a workout. EMPOWERING, ADDICTIVE, BODY AND LIFE CHANGING! Let’s HAMMER!!

Sports Performance

Gone are the days of athletes playing a different sport every season. Athletics increasingly equals specialization and while athletes are tasked to master the skills of a sport at a young age, less attention is given to acquiring the general athletic skills of coordination, control, quickness and strength. Excellence in sport doesn’t make a superior athlete; superior athletes are excellent in sports.

Team Training

Sports demand general skills and abilities that need to be specifically developed. Team training is aimed at improving performance in the areas critical for athletic success and can take place in the pre-season, in-season, or off-season time period. Our sports trainers are all former college athletes and have a deep understanding of how to create stronger, faster and injury-resistant athletes.


Many don’t wish to merely dedicate themselves to one sports or activity but rather want to fitness training that pushes them to be more fit, healthy and injury proof.

Injury Prevention